Grand Heritage Black Widow Women's Costume
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The Ultimate SpyJames Bond's got nothing on Natasha Romanoff, Marvel's Black Widow. She's executed countless missions that saved the world... and you've never even heard about them. She can slip into a villain's hideout, defeat every baddie in sight, and then slip out without anyone noticing. She's stopped some global threats before the Avengers even caught wind of them. With that kind of skill, she doesn't even need superpowers to get the job done. And you definitely don't want to send a big, lumbering oaf like Hulk on those sorts of delicate missions!If you're subtle, skillful, and ready to work with Nick Fury as S.H.I.E.L.D.'s best agent, then you might just be ready to slip into the role of Black Widow, Marvel's premiere super-spy. This officially licensed Grand Heritage Black Widow Costume is a realistic look that will have you ready to execute covert Avengers operations!Product DetailsInspired by Black Widow's signature outfit, this Grand Heritage costume does a great job of capturing her look from the comic books. It starts with a spandex blend jumpsuit that stretches for a form fit. The neckline has a short zipper, which allows you to open the collar. The belt features metal discs, which fit around your waist with an elastic band and hooked fastener. The wrist cuffs are made out of metal cartridges and recreate her Widow's Bite gadget from the comics. The costume comes with matching black gloves to round out the whole super-spy outfit. Finally, the costume comes with a red wig, which fits with an elastic mesh cap. It's everything an aspiring spy needs to join the team!Execute the MissionIf you're ready to execute dangerous missions for the Avengers, then this Black Widow costume is exactly what you've been looking for! Be sure to check out all of our Avengers costumes to round up the whole team!



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