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We have been carrying Menu sauces, spreads and vegetables in food service sizes for almost 20 years. Up until now, the packaging was not meant for store shelves so it was pretty basic and frill-free. Inside, the freshness and flavors are always exceptional! The secret to many restaurant's "signature" sauces, grilled veggies, cheese accompaniments, etc. have been thanks to Menu. Their products have been enjoyed by our customers for years, achieving a hardcore following, and are often bought in large quantities. We are pleased to offer their 1932 line of pasta sauces made just for consumers. Don't worry, the elegant, attractively designed packaging still contains the same superior Menu quality and freshness. Available in four flavors. Varieties sold separately.: Pomodorina: 1932’s special name for their time-honored family recipe, using tomatoes picked from the sun drenched fields of the Emilia Romagna countryside. Within just two hours, the fresh picked and perfectly ripe tomato bounty is cooked with a delicious blend of Italian vegetables as celery, onion, carrots, herbs and extra virgin olive oil. Arrabbiata: 1932's spicy recipe made from fresh season tomato cooked with a delicious blend of vegetables, herbs, extra virgin olive oil and red chili pepper. "Arrabbiata" means "angry" in Italian and is a traditional recipe from Rome, the capital city of Italy. It just takes a few simple, fresh ingredients to obtain an excellent sauce with a spicy and strong taste. Pomodorina with Barolo Wine: The elegance and excellence of Barolo DOCG join the tradition and freshness of vegetables and tomatoes typical of 1932's Pomodorina production. Barolo is described as one of Italy's greatest wines and is produced only in 11 selected small towns in the Piedmont region after several months of ageing. Barolo and Pomodorina match perfectly together in order to create a sophisticated sauce ready to accompany main courses. Pomodorina with Fresh Basil: 1932's special name for their recipe, using tomatoes and basil picked from the sun drenched fields of the Emilia Romagna. The base is their Pomodorina sauce but fresh basil deserves the leading role. Italian fresh basil is picked up every morning in summer. Its aromatic perfume gives a hint of fresh taste to the traditional tomato sauce Since 1932, three generations of the Barbieri family have produced traditional Italian foods that are minimally processed, preserving the integrity of the ingredients taste, texture and color in Cavezzo (province of Modena) in Emilia-Romagna region. Pomodorina Sauce has been Menu’s top-selling product for over 40 years. Their craftmanship comes from the tradition and philosophy to source out the best Italian ingredients at the peak of harvest, and working with the harvest within 2 hours to create and present the crop at its best. The tomatoes mainly come from the Emilia countryside, a few km from the Menù plant; they are harvested from the field when they are fully ripe and sweet and then they are processed. Kettle cooked in small batches from all fresh veggies from the Italian countryside, preservative-free.Varieties Sold Separately.



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