Asgard Drywall Taping Tools Inside Corner Roller PRO GRADE 5 Year Warranty


CONTRACTOR GRADE INSIDE CORNER ROLLER WITH STAINLESS STEEL WHEELS AND CAST ALUMINUM BODY - Premium quality materials and workmanship at an affordable price.5 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY - BACKED BY TAPETECH REPUTATION AND SERVICE - Asgard tools are a part of the TapeTech service network.ASGARD OFFERS A FULL LINE OF AUTOMATIC TAPING TOOLS INCLUDING FLAT BOXES, PUMPS, ANGLE BOXES, ANGLE HEADS, CORNER ROLLERS AND HANDLES - Why purchase lower quality brands to save money? Asgard gives you quality and affordability.QUALITY DRYWALL TAPING TOOLS FOR A TRUE LEVEL 5 FINISH - Asgard tools offer professional contractor quality and performance.PROFESSIONAL DRYWALL TAPING AND FINISHING TOOLS THAT WON'T BREAK THE BANK - Asgard Tools are manufactured with the highest quality control for superior quality, reliable and durable tools.



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