Mommee Coffee Decaf Ground Low Acid Coffee - 100% Arabica Organic Decaf Coffee Beans with Smooth Caramel Flavor - Medium Grind for Drip, Reusable One Cup Filters - 11 oz


Enjoy full flavor coffee without the guilt! Decaf Ground Coffee is naturally decaffeinated and doesn't sacrifice flavor, so you can indulge in your favorite hot beverage without giving up any rich taste. Mommee Coffee uses 100% Organic Arabica beans, delivering a smooth, creamy flavor with butterscotch and toffee notes. The sweet buttered caramel aroma will make your mouth water. The sweet, long aftertaste will extend your enjoyment of each sip. Great for both hot and cold brewing!.Less Chlorogenic Acid for a Better Cup - Chlorogenic Acid is the culprit behind upset stomach, acid reflux, hearburn, GERD, and bitterness in coffee. Contrary to popular belief, pH level has little to do with upper GI problems associated with drinking coffee. Mommee Coffee uses proprietary convection roasters that eliminate harmful levels of Chlorogenic Acid. This produces coffee that is 100 times lower in chlorogenic acid, and gives you a 5-fold increase in benefits compared to popular brands..Medium Grind for Multiple Uses - Mommee Coffee has chosen a medium grind for its pre-ground coffee. This makes a good all-purpose blend, ideal for use in a variety of coffee preparation methods: traditional drip machines and single serving reusable cups. If you like to make coffee in a French Press or percolator (coarse grind), espresso machine (fine grind), or Turkish cezve / ibrik (ultra fine grind), Mommee Coffee Decaf is also available in whole beans..Just One Delicious Ingredient - Mommee Coffee contains only 100% Organic non-GMO coffee beans. No added sugars or preservatives and naturally Gluten Free. The decaffeination process uses only water, instead of the standard chemical method employed by competitors. So, all you're putting into your body is exactly what you want and nothing more--delicious, tasty coffee! For pregnant women and other sensitive stomachs, you can indulge in your morning cup without burning regret the rest of the day..Resealable Pouch - Mommee Coffee comes packaged in 11 oz quantities. A heavy duty oxygen barrier resealable pouch with a valve keeps your new favorite grinds fresh from the first cup to the last. To maintain quality, store your coffee in a cool, dark place away from the stove or windows. Avoid the refrigerator or freezer, as the air inside the coffee bag may condensate and create moisture.



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