Premier Gear PG-3535 Starter Replacement for Phoenix V6 (80-80), Phoenix L4 (80-80), Omega V6 (80-80), Omega L4 (80-80), Citation V6 (80-80), Citation L4 (80-80), Skylark V6 (80-81)


Provides consistent starting power with a high quality solenoid that properly engages the starter drive with the flywheel in your vehicle every time the ignition key is turned.High standards for components like wiring, brushes, insulation, bearings and coatings for consistent performance in all environmental conditions.High performance machining of the starter casing for ease of installation and solid joining of the starter housing and your vehicle's mounting surfaces.Delco, SD200 Series, Direct Drive.12 Volt, Clockwise Rotation, 9-Tooth Pinion



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