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Think of him as a rapper, the host of America's Got Talent, the husband of {|Mariah Carey|}, or a stand-up comedian -- Nick Cannon is such a jumble of stuff he's certainly a 21st Century Renaissance Man, but with this wild and weird album that he provocatively promoted in white-face, he just might be the post-Ryan Seacrest version of {|Marcel Duchamp|}. Call it art terrorism, million-dollar trolling, or a cloying album of epic proportions, White People Party Music sticks to its title, kicking off with a vibrant, uplifting, EDM-fueled number where Cannon has been Looking for a Dream, and searching where most often find them, In my head! That's a flat, simple joke for sure, but with superstar DJ {|Afrojack|} laying a roller coaster ride of soaring synths, bass drops, breakdowns, and expensive EDM whatnot underneath, Cannon's funny whim becomes a Coachella comedy anthem. Shake your fist at it or shake your ass to it because it works either way, while later there's the less thinly veiled novelty floor-filler Me Sexy, a macho EDM song that owes {|Right Said Fred|} a thank you note. Phucking Awesome is the first known example of bro-trap as it fist bumps and Harlem Shakes itself through a frat party, while F##ck Yo Birthday gives those It's Your Birthday jams a good ribbing as up-for-anything rapper {|Fatman Scoop|} rattles off all the Zodiac signs over a {|Pitbull|}-worthy party beat. Speaking of Pitbull, he's here on America, but singing bedroom R&B to a whole country isn't a clever enough joke to fill a whole four minutes, and with a track list that runs all the way up to 17, this is a bloated novelty album, even with the interludes. The interludes are hilarious, however, especially when attendees at a Whites Mostly party are asked if they've ever heard of Cannon. Mariah Carey's husband! is their top and only answer, but for folks who get -- and get into -- {|White People Party Music|}, they might start answering America's leading prankster.


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