Logistimatics Mobile-200 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles, People, and Assets - Real-Time Car Tracker Device for Vehicles - Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker, Waterproof - Fleet Tracker - Subscription Required

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Perfect for Vehicle Tracking - Works for up to 7 days between battery charges when given updates every 30 seconds. Always see your gps tracker's battery live in the app. Get alerts when battery gets low. This GPS car tracker shows you all locations the vehicle has been, and how long. Please note - device requires subscription service for use..The Only GPS that Finds out Everything! Find out everything going on inside the vehicle as it drives. Plus get alerts if any certain areas you select are entered (or left). This car gps tracker is a car tracker device shrunken down into a mini gps tracker..Strong Magnetic mount - Includes a heavy-duty gps magentic mount to easily attach gps tracker device to car frame or any other magnetic surface in or oustide the car. The included magnetic backplate keeps tracker secure when attached to a seat rail & most other places..Real-Time GPS Tracking from any device - This vehicle tracker works with all iOS and Android devices. This GPS tracker device for vehicles works on phones or desktop computers. It's a car gps or truck gps tracker that's a tracker for car on any device..This device requires a subscription to the Logistimatics platform. Subscriptions can be purchased on flexible monthly rates or cost-efficient annual contracts..The gradual rollout of 5G does not Cancel 4G - This 4G compatible charger will last for the long-run as 5G slowly rolls out across the globe. 5G does NOT replace 4G and nullify 4G's ability to work. Your Logistimatics tracker will continue to work on the 4G network for years to come.



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