Rainier Supply Co. Boat Dock Lines & Rope- Twin Pack Bungee Dock Line for Boats - 4-5.5ft, 5-7ft or 6-9ft, Boat Bungee Dock Lines for Docking with Loop - Black


2 PACK of BUNGEE DOCK LINES - Must have of Boat Accessories available in 3 Sizes: 6' that stretches to 9 feet.EASY TO USE: Bungee Dock Lines make tying up your boat or jet ski easier and faster than ever. Simply slip eyelets over both the boat cleat and dock cleat, take up any slack by wrapping in a figure 8 motion on the dock cleat and slide eyelets closed with the sliding adjustment at both ends..BETTER ON YOUR BOAT: Bungee Dock Lines act as a built in snubber, automatically relieving the pressure on your boat cleats caused by natural movement of waves at the dock..BUMPERS THAT FLOAT: A small foam bumper is included on each side of the bungee dock line to keep your line afloat in case it accidentally goes overboard..FLEXIBILITY FOR USE: Each 6 foot bungee dock line stretches to 9 feet making it easy to make adjustments depending on cleat locations at the dock. Perfectly designed for small to medium size boats as well your as PWC, Jet Ski, Canoe or Pontoon boat.



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