Smiyl Xylitol Dental Gel for Babies and Toddlers (Toothbrush Included), All-Natural Fluoride-Free Toothpaste, No Artificial Flavors, Helps Pacifier Acceptance, Great for Teething Babies 3 oz, 3 Tubes


IMPROVED ORAL HEALTH FOR KIDS: Xylitol dental gel is the easiest, tastiest way to improve your child's oral health. It helps reduce the risk of tooth decay and fights off cavities too. It makes it easier for your kids to get used to using the toothbrush or pacifier. Plus, it's great for teething..ALL-NATURAL AND SUGAR-FREE: Xylitol is all-natural, derived from plant fibers which means it has zero artificial sugars and calories. It tastes like candy but it protects the mouth, gums, tongue, and teeth and does not cause a spike in blood sugar or insulin levels..VERSATILE: Xylitol dental gel is a versatile toothpaste and gel that's safe for toddlers and infants. It can be used with pacifiers or beginner toothbrushes, and can also be applied directly to gums, tongues, teeth, sippy cups, or bottles..FLUORIDE FREE AND SAFE TO SWALLOW: Xylitol dental gel is a safe, fluoride-free way to keep teeth healthy. It has no filler, flow agents, or other additives, and is also safe to swallow. It even feeds the good microbes in your digestive system..TESTED AND APPROVED BY HEALTH PROFESSIONALS: Years of research have proven that xylitol is not only great for your mouth, it's great for your body too. It is safe for babies and adults alike and is recommended by dentists all over as a great way for maintaining oral and dental health in kids.



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