Suzy Cohen Sleeping with Jack Sleep Mask with Hyaluronic Acid and Jackfruit Extract. Face Moisturizer for Women with anti-aging ingredients for more collagen, elasticity and supple skin


HELPS REPAIR AND STRENGTHEN SKIN’S NATURAL BARRIER- Promotes wound healing and supports skin’s overall health and vitality..CONTAINS CAFFEINE - When applied to the skin, caffeine stimulates circulation and brightens skin while reducing puffiness and dark circles around the eyes..REDUCE FREE RADICALS WITH JACKFRUIT - This exotic fruit extract provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. May reduce crow’s feet around the eyes..GET THE MOST FROM YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP - This is a face cream that you apply at nighttime before bed. It soothes your skin and revitalizes it. Wake up to soft supple skin..NO RINSING - APPLY ONCE DAILY - Sleeping with Jack is rich in natural antioxidants, it hydrates and moisturizes protecting against environmental damage. Clean, fresh scent made from natural fragrance - no perfumes..REVITALIZING AND NOURISHING SLEEP MASK - Do not rinse this face cream off, just smooth it on your face/neck in upward/outward strokes and go to bed. Non-greasy, dries quickly..CONTAINS LACTOBACILLUS FERMENT - This topical probiotic-like ingredient supports skin vitality and protects the pH of the skin barrier while helping with irritation and redness.



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