Hearing Aid Wax Guards Filters Oticon ProWax Minifit Replacements for Hearing aids Hear Clear Wax Guard Filters (3 Packs -18 Wax Filters)


3 Packs-18/1mm Filters.Fits Oticon Alta,Alta 2,Alta Pro, Alta Pro 2,Nera,Ria RITE, minifit RITE and any newer receiver in the ear model of Oticon . IF your device has a minifit receiver 60 or 85 or 100 (Opn,Opn S and Opn play series,Xceed and Xceed play series, Siya family,Ruby family,Dynamo,Alta,Nera and Ria series) this product should fits..NOT compatible with Agil, AgilPro, INO, Epoq, Actro, Actro Pro, INO Pro, Dual, Delta, Vigo, Vigo Pro, Intiga or any hearing aid with a power receiver 100 and 105..Prevent ear wax from accumulating on the sound port of the receiver. Cleaning and battery extractor tool is included in the package to improve the durability and reliability of your hearing aid..Hight quality mesh and manufacturing materials without compromising performance. Easy to install, waterproof and oil-resistant filters..Please consult your Audiologist if you’re not sure about the use of this product or if a medical condition exists such as a perforated eardrum before using this product.



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