SNK MVSX Counter Top Arcade Machine with 50 SNK Classic Games
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• AUTHENTIC TABLE TOP REPLICA of SNK NEOGEO MVSX ARCADE MACHINE - Take yourself back to the 1990's when the SNK NEOGEO MVSX Arcade was the envy of the game parlor. This SNK MVSX Countertop Arcade for the home has the detailed look and feel of the Classic SNK MVS Arcade. • 50 ALL TIME FAVORITE SNK GAMES PRE-LOADED - including collections from The King of Fighters (10 games), Metal Slug (6 games), Samurai Shodown (6 games), Fatal Fury (8 games), World Heroes (6 games), Sengoku (3 games), The Last Blade (2 games), other classic Fighting Games, Sports Games including; Super Sidekicks, Top Player's Golf, Baseball Stars Professional, and Football Frenzy • 17" HD SCREEN - Play in High Definition to get all of the action, 1280x1024 resolution. Scan line options available to take you back to the look of the CRT. • 1 or 2 PLAYERS - 2 Full Size Joysticks and Controls (button locations are programmable) • GAMES IN ARCADE FORMAT OR HOME CONSOLE FORMAT - Choose from MVS mode (Arcade format) or AES mode (Home Console format) • LIGHTED MARQUEE - Classic SNK Game Series tiles light up the Marquee adding excitement and authenticity • SAVE YOUR PLACE IN THE GAME - Save up to 4 game states per game • STEREO AUDIO - Dual Stereo speakers with Volume Knob • USB PORT



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