Lavengel Dog Skin Care Gel - Highly Concentrated Ointment Helps Relieve Itchy Skin and Heals Wounds Naturally, First-Aid for Skin Irritations, Hotspots, Sores, and Acne, We Support Rescues


SAFE NATURALLY SOURCED FORMULA : USA-made, Free of any artificial preservatives, Safe to lick, Relaxing gel works on sensitive areas like ears, paws, pads, tail and belly, Used by professionals.SOOTHES AND STOPS ITCHING AND SCRATCHING: Fast and effective relief from rashes, hotspots, sores, dry skin, and acne, Natural ingredients keep dogs calm and stop licking, Dogs find lasting comfort from wounds, irritations, and skin infections.PROMOTES HEALING AND REDUCES SCARRING : Water soluble lavender oil helps reduce itchiness, Vitamin E wraps around the wound to encourage quick healing and formation of new skin, Vitamin C promotes collagen to repair skin, Concentrated to act fast.GIVING ANIMALS A NEW HOME : We donate to Companions for Heroes with every tube sold, Provides free training to shelter dogs for our nation's veterans and first responders, Gives dogs and humans a new partner, Encourages others to consider adoption.LIFETIME WARRANTY NO BARKS ASKED : We've seen what Lavengel can do, and we are so confident that your dog and you will love it that we offer a lifetime warranty for our product



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