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"Hidden Pictures Fun Reimagined for Today's Kids!When you think back to your childhood, what stands out as some of the most vivid memories? The ice cream truck. Beach vacations. Snow days. Highlights Hidden Pictures puzzles.Now, you can give your child the same memorable, skill-building fun with EAGLE-EYE Hidden Pictures Club!For Experienced Seekers-and-Finders Ages 6 and UpEach 36-page book brings experienced young puzzlers more advanced hidden objects games that reinforce learning concepts while kids have fun.More challenging hidden objects puzzlesCraftsRecipesHands-on activitiesIntroductions to world languagesSticker activitiesDelightful charactersVocabulary-building playAnd more - all wrapped in Highlights Hidden Pictures fun!Pass Down the Legacy of Fun and LearningThe editors at Highlights are experts at delivering Fun with a Purpose. The kids games and puzzles in Eagle Eye Hidden Pictures are both engaging and rewarding.Every activity helps reinforce the skills your child needs to succeed in school:ReadingMathProblem solvingFigure/ground perceptionObject constancyReinforcement of school skillsBut most of all, they're fun!‘Just-Right' Puzzles for Your ChildAs your child works through EAGLE-EYE puzzles, he or she will feel a sense of accomplishment — and so will you. If your child finds EAGLE-EYE too challenging, simply contact us and we'll switch you to the more achievable LET'S PLAY level.See ""Features"" to learn more."


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