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"Hidden Pictures Fun for Little Ones!LET'S PLAY Hidden Pictures Club books are packed with age-appropriate Hidden Pictures puzzles, plus lots of other great activities you'll enjoy sharing with your child — all designed with the needs and developmental stages of children in mind.For Beginning Puzzlers Ages 3 to 6Each 36-page book brings younger children age-appropriate fun that will entertain them for hours, while building new skills and a sense of accomplishment.LET'S PLAY Hidden Pictures delivers our famous hidden objects games, along with:Sticker activitiesLovable charactersIntroductions to SpanishDot-to-dotsMazesPoemsWord funReadingAnd more - all wrapped in Highlights Hidden Pictures fun!Kids Love It. You will, Too!The editors at Highlights are experts at delivering Fun with a Purpose. The kids games and puzzles in LET'S PLAY Hidden Pictures are both engaging and rewarding.Every activity helps reinforce the skills your child needs to succeed in the years ahead:Pre-readingMathProblem solvingFigure/ground perceptionObject constancySchool readinessBut most of all, it's fun!Perfect for Growing PuzzlersHidden Pictures Club is a great way to spend one-on one-time with your little one. It's a joy to see your child begin to solve the puzzles independently. Even better, as your child grows, you can switch to the more challenging EAGLE-EYE level at any time!See ""Features"" to learn more."


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