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This extremely rare honey can be dramatically different on the eye, is always a treat on the palate, and (like Tupelo) never crystallizes in the bottle. Depending on the weather during the flowering season, Black Sage honey can end up looking like thick, sweet sauvignon blanc, which is a pale, cool, greenish-yellow. In the mouth, the honey has a fullness; a surprising kind of "roundness" that is utterly different from any other American honey. The flavors are distinctive, too, with notes of apple, berry, and vanilla. As a final treat, the finish will remind die-hard honey lovers of an old European favorite. Along with the fruit and vanilla, Black Sage offers a crisp echo of tilleul, the lavender honey that goes for dollars per ounce at fancy Parisian food shops. Black Sage is perfect with strong black tea. It enhances it without running over the subtleties of the tea itself. No honey should be fed to infants 12 months or younger. KSA Kosher


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