Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine - ONR Car Wash, 1 Gallon, New Formula Version 5, Safe on Paint, Coatings, Wraps, and Interior, Rinseless Wash provides an Eco Friendly Car Wash Option


The Premium Car Wash Soap Alternative: Optimum No Rinse Concentrate only requires 1 oz per 2 gallons of water - enough to wash your entire car! ONR can be used to clean and detail cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, RVs, and more. Our versatile formula can also be used as a clay bar lubricant..Sleek and Glossy Finish Every Time: ONR No Rinse contains unique polymers that protect automotive paint and coatings. The new ONR formula improves encapsulation and creates a barrier between dirt particulates and the automotive finish - providing lasting protection and gloss. Optimum Wash and Shine works on exterior surfaces, such as paint, glass, wraps, trim, and plastics; ONR also works on interior surfaces, like leather, dash, and other interior surfaces..Great for Indoor and Off-Season Detailing: Wash from the comfort of your garage - ONR is a perfect addition to your indoor car cleaning supplies. Unlike traditional car wash soaps and car shampoo, there are no soapy surfactants, so there is no rinse required. Rinseless car wash means you can keep detailing, regardless of weather!.Eco Friendly Car Wash: Rinseless car wash allows you to wash your car with minimal water usage. Great for water conservation in areas experiencing drought or water-use restrictions. Also, since there is no rinse required, no soapy runoff will flow into storm drains..ONR for Economical Home Cleaning Applications: Optimum No Rinse can also be used as a home surface cleaner. Our customers love using ONR out of the garage, as a tub and tile cleaner, stainless steel cleaner for appliances, hardwood floor cleaner, granite countertop cleaner, window cleaner, and multipurpose surface cleaner. The 3:64 use ratio (6 oz per gallon of water) makes ONR an economical choice for home cleaning..Proudly Made in the USA: Optimum Polymer Technologies proudly develops and manufactures ONR in Memphis, Tennessee.



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