Vida Divina Latte Verde - Energizing Reishi & Matcha Blend for Healthy Life Style - Liver & Heart Support, Weight Control, Energy & Focus, 20 Sachets


Mushroom Coffee Infusion: Elevate your coffee experience w/ Latte Verde's blend of Reishi and Matcha Powder, ideal for discerning coffee lovers seeking a gourmet twist beyond traditional coffee beans..Instant Coffee Convenience: Enjoy the luxury of gourmet coffee in an instant with Latte Verde's convenient sachets, eliminating the need for ground coffee preparation while providing health benefits..Gourmet Blend: Indulge in a premium gourmet coffee experience with Latte Verde, where the richness of Reishi and Matcha Powder meets the convenience of instant coffee packets for a delightful fusion..Mushroom-Infused Delight: Latte Verde goes beyond the ordinary with its mushroom coffee infusion, an alternative to standard ground coffee, ensuring a distinctive experience for coffee enthusiasts..Coffee Aficionados: Unleash the essence of gourmet coffee instantly with Latte Verde's carefully crafted blend of Reishi and Matcha Powder, providing a satisfying and health-conscious choice.



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