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When Dominique Debroux came to America from Torino, in Northern Italy as an infant, her mother, AnnaMaria, brought along a trove of family recipes dating to Dominique’s great grandfather’s days as a chef to royalty. Dominique took these cherished recipes as inspriation for these incredible sauces. These delicous specialty pasta sauces are thick, rich with flavor and ready to use for your veggies, meats, fish, and pasta. Brilliant taste yet less than half of the salt of other jarred sauces. We offer the following varieties (Varieties sold separately.): Torino Tomato Sauce: Tomatoes, peppers and carrots are brought together to create a thick "stick to your pasta" sauce that is heightened with oregano, basil, garlic and capers. Beyond pasta this sauce works with meats and fish and has the right consistency for your homemade pizza. Milano Tomato Sauce: The forest earthiness of porcini mushrooms paired with the sunny freshness of orange for a sauce perfect for pasta or red meats. Pinerolo Tomato Sauce: Smoky crisp pancetta and garden fresh sage are combined in a thick tomato sauce. This sauces is great on pasta, ravioli and tortellini and also think of pouring over sautéed sausage and peppers or breaded turkey cutlets. Varieties sold separately. Non GMO.



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