Toddler & Little Kids Replacement T Ball Baseball Balls - Oversized Tballs for Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set - 6 Pack - Safe and Durable Design for Early Baseball Skills Development

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Oversized Tballs - These plastic baseballs feature an oversized diameter of 3.5", perfect for toddler baseball and those learning to hit and developing motor skills perfect for kids..Safe and Durable Design -Constructed with durable,lightweight plastic with a hollow interior for added safety, these T balls are ideal for encouraging active play & improving hand-eye coordination..Compatible with Little Tikes T-Ball Set - These T-Balls are designed as a replacement for the popular Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set, but also work well with most any baseball tee for kids...6-Pack for Convenient Use - Sold in a convenient pack of 6, you will always have extra T balls for your kids' baseball fun, ensuring that they can continue to practice and develop their skills..Early Baseball Skill Development -The T balls are a great way to encourage young children to start playing baseball, develop their skills from an early age, perfect addition to athlete's training..



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