Crispy Chocolate Quinoa/Undercover Chocolate Co./Chocolate Specialties DARK CHOCOLATE & SEEDS


Healthy Ingredients Undercover... This is the perfect snack for the health conscious chocoholic! When Diana Levy originally started Undercover Chocolate Co., her goal was to make decadent chocolate-covered goodies. But, she quickly realized most people just wanted a simple, delicious, satisfying snack. After lots of experimenting, she came up with Undercover Quinoa... crispy organic quinoa lightly covered in premium chocolate. When two of her chocolate-obsessed daughters were diagnosed with celiac disease, Diana became determined to make this snackable treat gluten-free too. Ultimately she created an innovative snack that truly bridges the gap between healthy and delicious! Available in five varieties. Each variety sold separately.: Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt: Dark Chocolate & Blueberries: Dark Chocolate & Seeds Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate & Currants Varieties Sold Separately.


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