BeamUp Volta - BU850 Two Car Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup

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The Volta (BU850) Smart Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup is equipped with a 1-1/4 Horsepower equivalent DC motor & ultra-quiet belt drive. The Volta with an Eco-Friendly Battery Backup will be the centerpiece of your Smart Home for years to come. The beamUP Lithium Polymer (Li-ion) battery offers multiple green advancements. In comparative tests, Li-ion batteries provide 3x the operating cycles and over 10x the charge cycle life vs. traditional lead acid battery backup. Li-ion batteries maintain voltage throughout the entire discharge cycle. This means more reliable door operation when there is a power outage. Despite the higher upfront cost of lithium-ion batteries, the true cost of ownership is far less than lead acid when considering life span and performance. No leaks! Unlike traditional lead acid batteries which are prone to leaking, Li-ion technology is stable and environmentally friendly. The Volta (BU850) also comes with an integrated, motion-activated 3000 lumen (200W) LED security lighting system - complete with the beamUP Smart Controller, Wireless Door Sentry, two 3-Button Remote Controls with ClearCom technology, Multi-Function Door Control, Wireless Keypad, Photo Eye Safety System. SMART INTEGRATIONS INCLUDED: The beam Home app works without a subscription for Smart Home services including Works With Alexa, Apple Watch, and IFTTT. The Volta Smart Garage Door Opener is compatible with ALL generations of HomeLink. No repeater necessary. (HomeLink and the HomeLink House logo are registered trademarks of Gentex Corporation.) | BeamUp Volta - BU850 Two Car Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup


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