Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 [LP] Teenage Time Killers Primary Artist
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The debut studio long player from the powerhouse punk-metal supergroup led by {|My Ruin|} guitarist Mick Murphy, {|Corrosion of Conformity|} drummer Reed Mullin, and producer {|John Lousteau|}, the cheekily named Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 is both a refreshing blast from the past and an ardent kick in the teeth. A workmanlike distillation of punk, thrash, and hardcore's skull ring-, concert T-shirt-, and combat boot-laden heyday invokes everyone from {|Suicidal Tendencies|} and {|Minor Threat|} to {|G.B.H.|} and {|the Misfits|}. It's also a shit-ton of fun, especially when Murphy and Mullin are entertaining (and being entertained by) such notable guests as {|Dave Grohl|}, {|Jello Biafra|}, {|Nick Oliveri|}, Lee Ving ({|Fear|}), {|Randy Blythe|} ({|Lamb of God|}), {|Corey Taylor|} ({|Slipknot|}), {|Neil Fallon|} ({|Clutch|}), {|Matt Skiba|} ({|Alkaline Trio|}), and {|Stephen O'Malley|} ({|Sunn 0)))|}), among others. The aggro mosh pit-fueled antithesis to {|Desaparecidos|}' melodic and politically charged (and also outstanding 2015 punk nostalgia trip) {|Payola|}, Greatest Hits is a 20-track, over-40-minute sonic onslaught that, with songs rarely running over two minutes, wastes little time getting into the ring and landing a haymaker. The aptly named opener Exploder arrives via a stocky bass and kick drum throb and a {|Mike Ness|}-inspired pick slide, {|Lee Ving|} infuses the nervy Big Money with the same gravelly cocksureness that made Fear's I Don't Care About You such a durable punk anthem, the Mullin-led The Dead Hand deftly blends classic Bay Area thrash with East Coast horror punk, and the unabashedly {|Sabbath|}-worshiping Crowned by the Light of the Sun is the stoner metal anthem that {|the Sword|} have been trying to perfect since Age of Winters. In short, Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 nearly derails its own joke by living up to the boast, which when you think about it, is pretty fu*king punk. [Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 was also released on LP.]


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