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Indulgent walnut butters that are good for you? What a nutty idea! Four generations of farmers, two family farms and lots of walnuts! Fifty years ago, The Wellnut Farms grandparents planted their first walnut trees in sunny, bountiful northern California. Five decades later, The company is still passionate about all things walnuts. Walnuts are nutritious little nuts and contain vitamins and minerals. But unlike other nuts, walnuts are also a good source of plant-based ALA omega-3 fatty acid, which has health supporting benefits. Wellnut Farms is committed to providing the absolute best quality products while doing everything possible to treat the earth with care. Sustainable farming practices are paramount to their operation with focus on soil health, minimal water use, decreased pollution, employee wellbeing, and environmentally friendly. Try any of the below flavors on top of a bagel, toast, or fruit for a delicious, healthy snack any time of day! Original:With a taste so delicious and nutritious, you can't beat the original! Maple:A refined touch of maple works magic in this much-favorited flavor! Salted Caramel:That twist of a salt with sweet makes our salted caramel irresistible! Varieties sold separately. All varieties are Kosher (Scroll K), Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free, and GMO-Free.


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