The Art of Ligel TAL Watches - Silver Stainless Steel Double-Ended Watch Band Strap Link Pin Pusher Spring Bar Remover Repair Tool


AL WATCHES Spring Bar Watch Tool Set Long Stainless Steel Handle for Adjustment, Replacing, and Removal of Spring bars, Straps, and Watch Pins.High-quality PROFESSIONAL Spring Bar and watch Band Removal Tool for Replacing spring bars watch pins and jewelry making. SIZE - Length is 13,5 cm / 5.5 inches and Tool has interchangeable pins with options of 3 different pin end types.Easy to use:  The Wrist And Style Spring Bar Tool provides a very easy feel and High-quality durability. Remove and replace the spring bars of your watch bands in 15 minutes. Its strong stainless steel and grained gripping surface is designed for tough use while being easy to the touch..Compatibility: with 2 large and 2 small size tips for different spring bar sizes. A must-have tool to remove and replace the spring bars of your watch..High-quality product by TAL WATCHES: Each part is tested before shipment, Item in Stock!.Plus 6PCS 20mm AND 6PCS 22 mm Quick Release Spring Bars Watch Pins



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