SPICED Ground Turmeric Powder, 6oz of Turmeric Powder Spice in Resealable Bag, Great for Indian Cuisine, Baking, Cooking, Seasoning, Curry, Stew and Even Tea


What Exactly Is Turmeric? Its Made From The Powdered Root Of The Curcuma Longa, Turmeric is an Important Ingredient In Many Indian Dishes. You Rarely Find a Curry Powder Without It..How Does It Taste? On It's Own It Has an Earthy Bitterness. Important That You Combine It With Sweeter Spices to Balance the Flavor Profile.What Can I Cook? Turmeric Powder Is Heavily Used In Indian Cuisine, Especially Curries. You Can Also Sprinkle A Pinch On Frittatas, Soups, Vegetable Dishes, or Scrambled Eggs To Give Them A Hint Of Earthy Spice..Ground Turmeric is Yellow and Very Potent, Its Often Used to Add Color to a Dish. It Can Stain, But You'll Find a Lot of DIY's on How to Remove Potential Stains.Includes 6 Oz of Pure 100% Ground Turmeric Perfect for Cooking, Seasoning, Home Made Spice Blends and More. Non-GMO, No Preservatives and Very Tasty.



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