Orlo Nutrition Omega 3 – Vegan Algae EPA & DHA Kit | 3X Active Strength - Clean Alternative to Fish Oil Supplements | Softgels for Joints, Eyes, Heart, Immune & Brain Health Support | 60 Servings


3X ACTIVE ABSORPTION & STRENGTH: Orlo's unique POLAR OMEGA 3 structure provides 3X the absorption of other conventional algae or fish oils. For instance, 100 mg of Orlo’s Omega 3 is the equivalent of 300 mg of fish or algae oil. Our vegan supplement delivers the maximum potency of Omega 3 fatty acids with smaller pills and no ‘fishy burps’..THE WORLD’S PUREST ALGAE SUPPLEMENT: Discover our exceptional algae oil, the purest in the world, with 0% impurities or heavy metals. Differently from many other brands that use molecular distillation and pesticides, our extraction process embraces a chemical-free approach, preserving the natural integrity of the Omega 3 and increasing sustainability. Indulge in the unmatched quality and pristine goodness of Orlo..UNLOCK THE POWER OF ESSENTIAL OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS: EPA and DHA— essential fats for optimal bodily function. Our formula boasts these vital fats in the highly absorbable POLAR lipid form, ensuring 3X GREATER ABSORPTION than other sources like fermented algae or fish. Experience the ultimate support for your brain, eyes, heart, joints and immune system, empowering you to live your life to the fullest. Maintain healthy cholesterol levels and elevate your overall well-being with confidence..CUT TO THE SOURCE OF OMEGA3 WITH BIO-ACTIVE NUTRITION: Did you know fish don’t create their Omega3 but rather get them from algae? By preserving the natural structure of the Omega 3 polar-lipid arrow shape molecule, Orlo’s bio-active nutrition is at the forefront of nutritional innovation, making sure your body is really getting the impact it needs. Our kit includes a refillable glass bottle made of Miron violet glass which preserves nutrition products better than others..VEGAN, OCEAN FRIENDLY AND CARBON NEGATIVE: Our algae is grown at our groundbreaking aquaculture plant house in Iceland where we integrate with one of the world’s largest geothermal plants, utilizing pristine water, 100% green energy, waste heat, and sequestering natural CO2 emissions to create the world’s first carbon negative profile with a fully regenerative production process that’s optimized with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). We prioritize both your health and the planet.



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