DEUX Vegan Cookie Dough - Gluten Free Cookies, Healthy Cookies, Superfood Desserts, Edible Cookie Dough, Ready to Eat, Vegan Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Brownie, Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, 12 oz (4-Pack)


12 OZ OF VEGAN DELIGHT - Our cookie dough contains no dairy products, unlike the traditional sugar cookie mix, which is packed with eggs and milk. The large 12 oz cookie dough will last for several snack breaks, delighting vegans with its flavor..HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS - Natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Aswagandha, Zinc, and Elderberry make the cookie baking mix nutritious, ensuring you receive your daily dose of energy. Void of preservatives, it has minimal health hazards and will not affect your diet..READY TO EAT - The edible cookie dough is ready to eat, meaning you can enjoy it out of the jar without baking it. Use it as cookie dough, or you can mix it with other desserts to merge its flavors with other foods..GLUTEN-FREE - Filled with the goodness of oat flour and nut butter, it is flavorful and healthy for you. It tastes like sugar cookie dough without any of the harmful ingredients, meaning you can eat as many cookies as you want..FUNCTIONAL SUPERFOOD - This cookie dough gives you more nutrition than the usual cookies and sweets. It has no harmful preservatives and contains vitamins, aloe vera, zinc, and refined sugar. Plus, the cookie dough requires no pre-treatment, making cookies dough ready to bake.



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