Trackable Rick Roll 'Free WiFi' QR Code Prank Stickers - Track Success w/Analytics Dashboard Unique to Each Pack - Funny Evil Practical Jokes Stuff - Adults April Fools Annoying Gag Gift Rickroll


UNLEASH THE RICK ROLL: Fool unsuspecting victims with our realistic "Scan for Free WiFi" QR stickers that lead straight to the iconic Rick Astley video. Prepare for epic moments of laughter and surprise!.VICTIM TRACKING MADE HILARIOUS: Each pack includes its own exclusive analytics dashboard, giving you real-time updates on your Rick Rolling conquests. From the last victim's downfall to the most popular times to strike, you'll have all the data to fuel your mischievous genius..SMALL STICKERS, BIG LAUGHS: Our 2x2 inch stickers may be small, but their impact is massive! The world becomes your playground, and laughter is your reward..ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENT: With 24 QR stickers in each pack, the possibilities are endless. Prank your way through parties, gatherings, or public spaces, and witness the hilarious reactions as people discover they've been Rick Rolled. It's the gift that keeps on giving.THE PERFECT GIFT FOR PRANKSTERS: Want to be remembered as the ultimate trickster? Look no further! Rick Roll QR is an ideal gift for friends, family, or anyone with a mischievous sense of humor. Get ready for endless laughs and unforgettable memories.



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