Viagrow 6 lbs. Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade (2-Pack)
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"Diatomaceous earth, also known as diatomite and DE, is the naturally occurring fossilized remains of diatoms which are single-celled aquatic algae. It is a near pure sedimentary deposit, consisting almost entirely of silica. Natural diatomaceous earth is inert, retains water, and has a high porosity that allows the soil to breathe. The silica content of diatomaceous earth is absorbed into plant tissue and helps improve plant structure and resistance to pests and disease. These qualities and more make it an efficient tool for horticulturists. Diatoms have a positive effect on our environment, both in our oxygen and food supplies. Diatoms use carbon dioxide and water in photosynthesis to convert the carbon and hydrogen to carbohydrates with energy absorbed from the sun. Oxygen is produced as a by-product and is released to the atmosphere. The mining and processing of diatomite is sustainable and environmentally sensitive. Application Instructions: We recommend using the ""Slurry"" method or wet application. This is a good way to reach the undersides of leaves, hard to reach areas, or larger areas in direct sunlight. Mix 8 tablespoons, or ½ cup, of DE with 2 cups of water. Apply the mix using a spray bottle, please remember to shake the mixture this will keep the DE suspended during application."


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