SunnyBay XL Microwave Heating Pad, Microwavable Heated Neck and Shoulder Wrap, Hands-Free Weighted Moist Hot or Cool Pack, Soft Fleece Cover and Flaxseed Filling, 30 Inch Extra-Long Length, Navy


THERAPEUTIC NECK WARMER: Microwavable heating pads for neck and shoulders by SunnyBay have multiple pain-relieving features, providing a pill-free way to relax muscles, soothe swelling, and reduce soreness in inflamed or aching areas..2-IN-1 HOT OR COLD PACK: Our microwavable neck wrap delivers penetrative moist heat to enhance blood circulation and alleviate muscle tension. Alternately, it makes an effective ice pack when frozen, reducing swelling and flareups..WEIGHTED WITH NATURAL FLAXSEEDS: The gentle compression offered by its natural flaxseed filling helps our microwave heat pack hug your body’s contours while staying in place. The added weight enables deeper impact over stiff, tender areas..DURABLE FLEECE SURFACE: Rest your head back and relax into the soft, luxurious material of our neck heating pad for neck pain relief, or use for other body aches. The anti-pill fleece surface is smooth, skin-friendly, and long-lasting..VERSATILE FOR FULL BODY USE: The elongated, simple design makes this pack very versatile. Use hot or cold as a neck wrap, microwavable shoulder pad, or for abdomen, back, or knee conditions ranging from menstrual cramps to athletic injuries..ERGONOMIC COVERAGE: The slippery flaxseed stuffing makes our neck heating pad microwavable and moldable. Further comfort is enabled by its wider mid portion that settles into the nape of your neck like a pillow to target all your painful spots..READY IN UNDER TWO MINUTES: Our microwave heating pad for neck and shoulders is best prepared by heating for a minute on one side and half a minute on the other. Microwave for thirty seconds at a time to avoid overheating..HANDS-FREE, NO BULK: Not only is our heat pad microwavable but we’ve ensured minimal bulk without compromising on efficacy. Besides its foldability, the built-in elastic loop allows easy fastening around the neck to use as a wearable accessory..TWO SIZE AND COLOR OPTIONS: Choose from our regular 26-inch and extra-long 30-inch moist heating pads. Microwavable fleece covers are also available in two shades of blue..RISK-FREE PURCHASE: Having successfully developed premium-quality, user-friendly, and safe pain relief solutions for 15+ years, we value our customers enough to offer full refunds in case of any issues or dissatisfaction with our neck heat pads.



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