FUTURE METHOD Disposable Intimate Wash with Hydrating & Calming pH-Balanced Wash Isotonic Solution & Sarolit Enema Bulb with White Polyethylene Nozzle


The OG Pre-play Kit: Feel fresh, confident, and ready for whatever lies (or rides) ahead with a complete enema kit to gently cleanse your rectum while hydrating and comforting delicate tissue..Body Compatible & Doctor-Developed: Our anal cleaner kit's isotonic anal wash allows water to move freely across cell membranes, cleansing your booty without stripping your body of its essentials..Cleansing Done Right: The butt cleaner enema bulb is made from durable Sarolit material, sized small to prevent over-cleansing, and equipped with a white polyethylene nozzle for cleanliness checks..Prep Like a Pro: Clean the anal enema bulb and tip with warm water and soap. Once assembled, draw the solution into the bulb (roughly half the pouch). Slowly insert the tip into your bum, gently squeeze the bulb, and allow the liquid to flow inside you, then expel the solution into the toilet. Repeat this process as needed until the solution runs clear when expelled..We've Got Your Back(side): Shorten backdoor prep time without hurting your bum. This mini enema rectum cleaner kit's solution is pH-balanced and hydrating for that ready-for-anything feel.



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