FTG USA Countersink Drill Bit Set 3 Pc #8 (11/64") Countersink Drill Bit with Tapered Drill Bits, Quick Change Hex Shank Countersink Bit, 1 Hex Wrench, Counter Sinker Drill Bit Set for Woodworking


FTG 2328V2 wood countersink drill bits with tapered drill bit, 4 Flute countersink cutter #45 Carbon Steel, tapered countersink set features 3 Pc drill set All Same Size drill bits with countersink #8 (11/64") Adjustable wood countersink, 1 Hex Wrench. FTG 2328V2 counter sinker drill bit designed as woodworking tools.Wood drill bit set with counter bore chamfer angle 82-degree, smooth countersinking in hard and soft wood, tapered holes for screws. Adjustable countersink drill bit with quality-built depth adjustable counter bore attaches to flat on shank with 2 hex screws for controlled pilot hole depth. Best adjustable wood countersink drill bits set ideal for woodworking. Countersink tool set made with countersink bits for wood. Counter-bore, and wood plugs size 3/8 inch.Tapered drill bits pointed tip and wide flute for drilling fast, clean pilot hole, ensures tight fit for screws. Countersink hex drill bit set with tapered drill bit can be replaced with FTG replacement taper drill bits countersink for extended wood bit. Countersink drill bits for wood made to drill, countersink, and counter-bore in 1 step sink counter set. Counter sink bits designed as to work as wood drill bits.Countersink drill bit set for wood with tapered drill bits High Speed Steel M2. Wood countersink bit with wider flute shape for increased chip flow. Drill countersink set has logo brand name laser printed on each countersink bit quick change 1/4" hex shank. Professional countersink drill bits set with tapered drill bit with countersink for wood. Packaging set combination unique design protected by US Copyright Office.STORAGE CONTAINERS for this set available below on this page at section " Make it a bundle". Hex shank compatible with 1/4" Quick Change chuck including impact drills. Countersink drill bit set for wood designed in New Jersey by Fair Trade Group USA and Professionally manufactured in China at FTG USA specs



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