Men's Deluxe Blue 60's Swinger Costume
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Groovy baby There were a lot of things about the 60s to love. The music. Geeze was the music clear outta sight. You had bands like the Rolling Stones, and The Kinks. The Who. And of course the Beatles. And the out fits. They were far out. Bright colors, and suede vests. Really anything you wanted to wear was pretty great.With the first James Bond movie out in 1962, being a spy became every guys dream. Everyone started ordering their Martinis shaken not stirred. And they started to introduce themselves last name first. Just like "Bond. James Bond." We're not going to lie we totally do it too. Because being a spy in the 60s meant you could go to all those cool places, and get the girl. Sign us up!Now you can be a swinging 60s spy. Just put on this Deluxe Blue 60s Swinger Costume. You'll be dancing to Jumpin' Jack Flash by the Rolling Stones as you put on this Velvet jacket, velvet pants, and velvet vest. You'll be ordering your vodka Martinis shaken not stirred, and introducing yourself last name first. "Blank. Blankity Blank." You will look clear outta sight when you stroll into a costume party wearing this blue, and white ruffled costume. You'll be hearing "Groovy baby" from all the stylin' chicks in their short skirts, and bright colored outfits.


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