AHONUI ARTISANS Jess Crow No Seal HDPE Reusable Epoxy Resin Form - 42" x 9" x 2"


The Jess Crow - Signature Series Reusable Resin Form from Ahonui Artisans is constructed from 3/4"-thick jet black High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This durable plastic, when properly maintained and coupled with the use of a high grade releasing agent, will make for many fun and productive hours of pouring in the shop. The dynamic black color background provides a completely new experience when pouring - color tones are more vivid and easier to distinguish! Form's internal measurement is: 49" x 9" x 2". Forms come standard with built-in RTV silicone gasket ends and recessed threaded inserts that permanently secure the TWO long sides. Setup requires minimal time for the next pour. Simply remove one of the short sides, remove the blank from the Form, replace the short side, and you're ready to pour again. No sticky mess, no waiting for caulking to set up and no more running out of sealant! Integrated T-slots on the Forms allow attachment of the clamp hardware to the side walls. That, in turn, enables use of the three included HDPE clamps and hardware, with the help of the 12 included HDPE clamp blocks, to secure your wood in place before pouring so it won't move or float during the curing process. Clamping blocks are made from the same HDPE to prevent resin from sticking to them in case of overpouring. Another important feature is the built-in the leveling system consisting of 4 integrated leveling feet and 2 bubble levels. The integrated leveling feet allow you to level your Form from the top, using a standard, flathead screwdriver (or the included Ahonui Artisans screwdriver). The bubble levels help you visually adjust your Form to be level, regardless of your workspace. Features: Form is fully assembled out of the box, minus the hold-down bars Integrated T-Track system allows for easy installation and use of the provided hold-downs Built-in leveling system Pours can be easily released from mold by removing one of the short ends Specifications: Material: Durable 3/4" thick black High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Internal Form Measurements: 49" x 9" x 2" What's Included: (1) Assembled ready-to-pour Jess Crow No Seal HDPE Reusable Epoxy Resin Form - 49" x 9" x 2with integrated T-Track and Leveling Feet (3) HDPE Clamping Bars (12) HDPE Clamping Blocks (3) Sets of T-Track Hardware (1) Ahonui Artisans Screwdriver (1) Instruction Manual Notes: A coat of mold release will need to be applied prior to the first use to ensure a long and healthy life for your Form. Subsequent coatings of mold release should be performed at the recommendation of your chosen releasing agent's manufacturer.


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