Hama - Houmeissa (CD)

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2018 release. Nigerian composer Hama presents a groundbreaking album of traditional electronic desert folk songs, hovering somewhere between early '90s techno and synthwave. Nomadic herding ballads, ancient caravan songs, and ceremonial wedding chants are all re-imagined into pieces seemingly lifted from a Saharan 1980s sci-fi soundtrack or score to a Tuareg video game. With a deep love and respect, Hama effortlessly takes back and re-appropriates fourth-world ethno-ambient music. Track List: Disc: 1 1. Terroir 2. Houmeissa 3. Dounia 4. Bororo 5. Wassa 6. Takamba 7. Touareg 8. Baoura 9. Takamba 10. Yeta Yeta