Niche Cubo Storage Set - 3 Cubes and 1 Canvas Bin- Truffle/Blue
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Model No : PC3PKTF1TOTEBE Brand : Regency Global Sourcing LET YOUR CREATIVITY RUN WILD! Connect these 3 Cubo storage cubes together in any way you like. In a row, in a pyramid, in a U or L shape or countless other configurations. Add on as much or as little as you need to existing Cubo cubes. Cubes connect to one another with spring pins making it easy to customize and create a storage system just for you. TRULY SQUARE- These cube storage bins are actually cubes! The Fabric Storage Bins measure 12 x 12 x 12, which integrate seamlessly into Niche Cubo storage cubes (interior dimensions 12 1/8" x 12 1/8" x 12 1/8"). They can be used in any direction- there is no "right" side to face front because all sides measure the same! CONNECT IN ANY DIRECTION- Who ever said all cubes had to face the front? Cubo storage cubes can attach together in any direction, which opens up a myriad of new design possibilities. Turn one to the right, turn another to the left. Keep one facing front, and still another facing the back. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES- Perfect to clean up clutter in closets, entryways, as a nightstand or media stand, in classrooms or children's rooms- These cubes fit anywhere! Arrange and rearrange the Foldable Fabric Bins for a fresh, new custom look whenever you like! NO TOOLS, NO HASSLE- Cubo storage cubes assemble in less than 2 minutes without the use of tools! Pieces simply snap together and lock into place for a sturdy and hassle free build. No more searching for the right size screwdriver or dropping tiny screws. Just snap into place and go.



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