Cute Toddler Pink Elephant Bubble Costume
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Let's Talk About the Elephant in the RoomIt's time to face the facts. You've got one unbearably cute kid on your hands. Yes, it's a lot of responsibility but your child's adorable nature won't go away just because you're ignoring it. You've got to do that cuteness justice. You've got to take photos and document the wonder of your child's sweetness. And most importantly, you've got to find a costume that will complement that cuteness just right. Now, there are classic cute costumes out there, of course. Who can get enough of a kitty or a plump pumpkin? Then again, double pumpkins in one neighborhood might cause some drama. Want a look that's different from the rest and just as adorable? Well, the proverbial elephant in the room might actually stir up some ideas! Product DetailsThis soft pink elephant costume is easy to wear, unique, and timeless which makes it a great option for your child's trick-or-treating costume. Simply throw the bubble tunic over your kiddo's head and you're almost good to go. The headpiece is the part that truly shines. With big ears, soft tusks, and an adorable stuffed trunk, your kiddo is sure to love wearing the adorable hood. The costume is finished off with elephant feet shoe covers, letting your child wear everyday kicks without interrupting the look! Pair this costume with pink leggings and an undershirt and your cozy kid will remain comfortable for the whole Halloween celebration!Never ForgetWhile actual elephants are said to have great memories, your little one is still pretty small and might not remember trick-or-treating as a toddler. That's why you've just got to have a costume that photographs well. Your child will love posing in this adorable look. Get enough snapshots and you can be sure that you and your family will remember this Halloween better than a troupe of elephants!