2-Pack Air Filter Factory Compatible Replacement For GE WB02X11550 Carbon Microwave Filters 2-3/16 x 10-9/32 x 3/8 Inches


Part Number – WB02X11550 Microwave Charcoal Carbon Filter Replacements For Microwave Oven. Charcoal Carbon Filter Replacement. Package Contains 2-Filters For Easy Replacement..Quality – Proudly Made In The USA Our Compatible WB02X11550 Charcoal Carbon Filter Is Made From A High Quality Aluminum For The Frame And A Dense Carbon Fiber Media For Superior Filtration. Additional Layer Of High Quality Aluminum For Maximized Filtration..Application – The Charcoal Carbon Filter Is Installed Above the Microwave Door. Made To Absorb Smoke And Odors. This Filter Is Not Washable and Must Be Disposed Of And Replaced Every 6 Months..Guarantee Filter Fit – This Filter Measures 2-3/16" x 10-9/32" x 3/8". Before Ordering It Is Always Best To Measure Your Existing Filter Using A Measuring Tape Or Ruler..Partial List Model Cross References - AVM4160DF1BS, AVM4160DF1WS, AVM4160DF2BS, AVM4160DF2WS, AVM4160DF3BS, AVM4160DF3WS, JNM3161DF1BB, JNM3161DF1CC, JNM3161DF1WW, JNM3161DF2BB, JNM3161DF2CC, JNM3161DF2WW, JNM3161DF4BB, JNM3161DF4CC, JNM3161DF4WW, JNM3161MF1SA, JNM3161MF2SA, PVM9005BL1TS, PVM9005DJ1BB, PVM9005DJ1WW, PVM9005DJ2BB, PVM9005DJ2WW, PVM9005DJ3BB, PVM9005DJ3WW, PVM9005EJ1ES, PVM9005EJ2ES, PVM9005EJ3ES, PVM9005FM1DS, PVM9005SJ1SS, PVM9005SJ2SS, PVM9005SJ3SS There Are Many More Models



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