Bostitch Office Manual Pencil Sharpener, Twist-N-Sharp, Hand Held, Tip Saver Technology, Lime Green, Blue, and Red, 3 Pack


GET THE TIP YOU NEED - More comfortable writing with either a pointed or blunt pencil tip? This small handheld pencil sharpener comes with a center dial that lets you adjust the sharpening blades..NO BROKEN PENCILS - Our manual pencil sharpeners come with our Tip Saver Technology to prevent over-sharpening. This will ensure the tip won't break, lengthening the pencil's lifespan..HASSLE-FREE SHARPENING - Each handheld manual pencil sharpener is fitted with a ratchet mechanism for best quick and easy sharpening. Simply twist the mini pencil sharpener back and forth–no need for cranks!.MAKE NO MESS - Tired of your pencil shavings flying everywhere? This personal handheld sharpener comes with a hinged tray to catch all your pen shavings and make waste disposal quicker and easier..SHARPEN ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - This compact hand sharpener is only 1.2 x 3.5 x 3.5", allowing you to conveniently bring it to the office, school, or art studio. Just put it inside your bag or pocket!



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