Globo LED Multi-Light Pendant Light by Alora Lighting - Color: White - Finish: Matte - (MP301003MB)
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The Globo LED Multi-Light Pendant Light from Alora is a contemporary piece driven by a sense of movement and emphasized by marvelous spherical shapes. The piece has a mobile sculptural quality, with opaque glass globes appearing to move around the piece at different levels. An adjustable banded metal accent wraps around the spheres, giving the piece contrast and curved line. LED lighting brightens up each spherical glass shade into a formation of clean shapely ambient lighting The definition of the Greek word Alora means shining light, which is the exact sentiment that captures the vision of this luxury lighting brand. One of their most popular collections is Tagliato, which combines chic materials to create eye-popping designs that are both modern and classic. Alora uses creative design techniques to produce stunning creations from translucent orb pendants with exposed bulbs to crystal-like walls sconces. Shape: Globe. Color: White. Finish: Matte Black


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