Miles Kimball Brown Sugar Preserver, Reusable Terra Cotta Discs, Set of 2, Each 2 ¼” Diameter


Brown Sugar Preserver – A baker’s best friend, this Brown Sugar Preserver helps manage moisture levels and ensures that your ingredients stay soft and won’t dry out, allowing for better measuring and cooking.Easy to Use – Simply soak the terra cotta disc in water, pat dry and slip it into the content’s bag or other airtight storage container.Effective – Disk slowly releases moisture to help maintain desirable moisture levels in brown sugar and other baking ingredients for approximately 3 to 6 months, depending on climate.Multiple Uses – Preserver disc is also ideal for maintaining freshness and softness when storing brown sugar, granulated sugar, coconut, raisins, marshmallows, dried fruit, baked goods, cookies and more; can use dry (without soaking) to absorb moisture and keep spices, salts, crackers, pretzels and chips dry and crispy.Set of 2 – Reusable terra cotta disks come as a set of 2, each measuring 2 ¼” diameter and can be used over and over again (simply rinse clean with water, no need to use soap as it could leave a trace taste)



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