BENTISM Money Counter Machine w/ 2CIS/SN/UV/IR/MG/DD for Counterfeit Detection Bill Counter Multi Currency Multi Cash Processing Mode Portable Currency(USD/EUR/GBP/CAD/MXN/AUD/JPY) 1200pcs/min
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Reliable Business Guard: The BENTISM money counter boasts six types of counterfeit detection methods, including 2 CIS, UV, MG, IR, DD, and SN recognition. With its dual CIS technology, it detects and reads both sides of every counted bill, providing three times better accuracy in value counting than a single CIS machine, regardless of whether the banknotes are new, worn, slightly ripped, or damaged. No more fake notes! Multiple Operating Modes: Our money counter machine is a versatile tool that offers multiple counting modes, including MDC, SDC, CNT, SDCV, total value calculation, add, batch, and sort by orientation or face. It can handle different tasks, and count both the number and denomination of bills. It also supports multi-currency value counting for several major currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, MXN, AUD, and JPY. Save Your Thumb: With the ability to count 1,200 bills per minute and a hopper capacity of 500 pieces, the bill counter can help you manage thousands of dollars in cash in a short period of time. It also has a reliable feeding system that prevents jammed or flying bills, ensuring a smooth counting process. Moreover, the noise level is less than 60dB. With its fast and accurate counting, you can quickly and easily complete your cash counting tasks, even with large amounts of cash. Dual Display: Equipped with a premium TFT display screen and an external LED display, the BENTISM money counting machine offers a clear view of the counting results from different angles, for both you and your clients. Furthermore, the screen turns red and sounds a beep when detecting counterfeit bills, ensuring that no fake money goes unnoticed. Perfect for Business: Our cash counter has an RS232 port that supports printer connection. And it supports USB upgrades to recognize new currency or counterfeit bills. This machine is perfect for managing money in small businesses, gas stations, retail stores, restaurants, and bars. The package also includes everything you need to start counting cash right away, such as a power cord, cleaning brush, fuse, external display, and more.