AIMS POWER 2,500-Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger 12-Volt DC to 120-Volt AC
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The AIMS 2500-Watt low frequency inverter charger is perfect for most off grid systems, semi-trucks, 5th wheels, toy haulers or any remote locations needing power. Providing 2500-Watt of continuous, clean and reliable pure sine wave power, ideal for sensitive electronics and household appliances. AIMS developed this inverter with less bells and whistles, making if more affordable and easy to use for applications that don't need a lot of extra features. We consider this our better of our good, better, best product lines. If needed, this inverter has the capability of producing 7500-Watt of total surge power for 20-seconds, for start-up applications like refrigerators, computers, tools, motors, fans and microwaves. This inverter boasts a 85 Amp charger and automatic transfer switch. For use with shore power or generator power to recharge your batteries or as a back-up for your sump pump, medical equipment, appliances, tools and most anything up to 20 Amp AC..


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