MRCOOL Universal Residential 3-Ton-SEER Heat Pump in Gray | MDU18024036E
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The MRCOOL 2-3 ton universal DC inverter central Heat pump is a radical home heating and cooling technology. Unlike previous generation heat pumps, the universal can cool efficiently all summer long and heat effectively even when the temperature drops to as much as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. The sophisticated DC inverter controls allow the compressor to modulate performance up and down depending on system need to ensure you never lack for comfort on any day of the year. The Universal high-esp air handler has been designed for use in high static pressure applications such as a manufactured or mobile home, or in a system that has restrictions in the ductwork which would place a strain on a conventional air handler not rated for high external static pressure. In addition to its powerful air control capability, the MRCOOL universal DC inverter is loaded with user-friendly features and controls. It is factory-charged with R-410a refrigerant, and features, ultra wide operating temperature, up to 20 SEER performance, low noise internal fan blades, smart thermostat compatibility, auto-reset, direct drive fan motor, copper tube-aluminum fin coil, gold fin corrosion resistance, auto-defrost, a compact footprint, and a shallow silhouette. Do you want a total heating and cooling system for your home that is also energy efficient and quiet? The MRCOOL universal DC inverter is the perfect solution to that problem. MRCOOL Universal Residential 3-Ton-SEER Heat Pump in Gray | MDU18024036E



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