The Band From Utopia: A Tribute To The Music Of Frank Zappa - Live In Stuttgart (Full Frame)
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The Band from Utopia - a nine-member fusion ensemble comprised of guitarist and vocalist Ike Willis; baritone saxophonist Bruce Fowler; tenor saxophonist, vocalist and keyboardist Bobby Martin; pianist, keyboardist and vocalist Tommy Mars; violinist and bassist Tom Fowler; bassist, guitarist and vocalist Arthur Barrow; vibraphone and percussionist Ed Mann; and drummers Jay Dittamo and Chad Wackerman - unite to pay homage to one of prog-rock's zaniest godfathers, the mordantly funny Frank Zappa, in the home video release, The Band From Utopia: A Tribute to the Music of Frank Zappa. Shot live at Jazzopen Stuttgart, in Stuttgart, Baden-W?rttemberg, southern Germany, circa July 1994,Utopia covers nine Zappa tunes. The numbers here include "Bamboozled by Love," "Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up," "Be-Bop Tango" "Easy Meat," "Uncle Meat," "Sofa," "Andy," "Outside Now," and "The Illinois Enema Bandit." ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi.



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