CGOLDENWALL Portable Eye Wash Station Wall Mounted Eyewash Station Emergency Eye Wash Kit, 16.09oz per Eyewash Bottle, No Eyewash Solution, with a Free Eyewash Sign


PORTABLE KIT FOR EMERGENT EYE WASH: this kit is helpful for people to get the required eye wash timely during the emergency. It can always keep available for emergencies, due to the compact size, simplt but complete structure as a mini eye wash station..AFFORDABLE SAFETY PROTECTION: in the past several years, this kit have helped thousand of people to strengthen their safety protections. This kit can be a complement to traditional eye wash station, it has more liberal application, no any installation limits, such as it can just be placed near our workstations for any possible emergency..BOTH WALL MOUNT&MOBILE AVAILABLE: this compact and visible kit has two mobile eye wash bottles, you can hange it on the wall for emergency use, all the parts for setting up are included in the package. If there is nothing to hang on this kit, then you can just carry the bottles with you directly for any possible emergency involving the eyes without feeling bulky..PURSUIT OF QUALITY, PRACTICAL IN DESIGN: this kit is made of high-quality non-toxic polyethylene, as it has excellent performance in acid&alkaline environments, such as lab. In order to allow people to check the condition of their eyes, there is a mirror on the kit. And the bottle, as it is for eye washing, is soft, flexible and squeezable, and its drain pipe avoids the waste water flow to other part of you.NECESSARY FOR WORKPLACE: if you believe the eyes count, then it is designed for you. There is no eye wash solution coming with the bottles, cuz it is used together with clean water. It is also a sign to show that you are care about your eyes' safety, necessary for small business, lab, and etc