WindyNation 15 ft. 2-Gauge Red and 10-Piece of 3/8 in. Tinned Copper Cable Lug Terminal Connectors, 3 ft. Black Heat Shrink Tubing
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WindyNation's Power Flex Welding and Battery Cable is a highly flexible pure copper electrical cable that is ideal for welding applications, car audio and battery installations, RV battery and inverter wiring, golf cart battery wiring, solar and inverter wiring, battery bank wiring and other applications that require a heavy duty, highly flexible electrical cable. This product listing also includes 10-pieces of appropriately sized tinned copper cable lugs with a 3/8 in. stud and 3 ft. of appropriately sized black heat shrink tubing (Example: If you purchase 1/0 cable then you will receive cable lugs and heat shrink tubing that will fit the 1/0 cable). This product listing is ideal for customers that are using the cable on installations that require cable lugs and heat shrink tubing. The three items are bundled together in one product listing at a tremendous discount.


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