360 Electrical Revolve Wall Tap Power Surge Protector with 2 USB Ports, 1 USB C Port, 4 45 W Rotating Outlets, Multi Plug Outlet Splitter, Adapter for Electric Wall Outlet, Swivel Outlets Fit 4 Plugs


Great for Charging Multiple Devices at Once - This 45W USB surge protector charger includes 2 USB ports, 1 USB C port and 4 full size plug outlets, so you can expand 1 single outlet into 4, and support 7 devices simultaneously. 1080 Joules of surge protection safeguards all your electronics, while EMI/RFI power-filtration provides clean, noise-free power..Charge Sense - The Revolve surge protector intelligently distributes power between ports when charging more than one device - delivering the exact amount of power needed for each device and allowing you to efficiently charge more than one device safely. These surge protectors include Gallium Nitride which reduces heat during charging.Easily Manage Bulky Plugs - Because the Revolve outlet extender has plugs that swivel, just plug all the way in the outlet and rotate to fit. No matter the plug, you can turn and adjust the outlets to maximize space; 360 Electrical makes it easy to fit a wide variety of large plugs on the wall tap.Device Shelf - This rotating surge has a top edge, seamlessly integrated into the design, to securely hold phones and tablets while charging. 360 Electronics created this wall mount to help keep your work and home space organized.LED Protection Indicator - This wall mounted surge protector has a built-in blue LED light that indicates when your devices are protected, and a green light when your wiring is properly grounded



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