STARTECHWELD 6013 Welding Rod 5/32", E6013 Stick Welding Electrodes 10Lbs with Soft Steady Arc E6013 5/32" (5/32" 10 Pound Box)


MATERIAL: Our E6013 welding electrode is made from high titania potassium-coated carbon steel, providing good wetting and shallow penetration for thin sheet metal applications. The rutile flux, made up of titanium dioxide and potassium, ensures a soft, steady arc that runs very smoothly, with low spatter and easy-to-remove slag.SIZE: The product dimensions of this welding rod E6013 are 14" x 4" x 1". This 5/32" size stick welding electrode is designed for convenient handling and greater control and precision during welding applications. These 6013 5/32" electrodes come with 1 pack welding rods 10Ibs and vacuum-sealed packaging..BENEFITS: The E6013 welding electrode is an all-purpose electrode that provides sufficient penetration for welding medium gauge steel, with a beautiful bead appearance. It offers easy slag control for vertical-down welding, and the soft arc is easily regenerated. The electrode is suitable for AC and DC power supplies and may be used in any position.IDEAL FOR: The E6013 welding electrode is suitable for mild-intensity jobs, making it ideal for welding clean sheet metal. The electrode's shallow penetration makes it perfect for thin sheet metal applications, while the soft arc and low spatter make it ideal for vertical-down welding. The electrode's all-purpose capabilities also make it suitable for a wide range of welding projects..WELDING POSITION: The E6013 welding electrode may be used in any position with AC or DC (straight or reverse polarity), including flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead welding positions. The electrode produces a soft arc with shallow penetration that runs very smoothly, resulting in minimal spatter and an easy-to-remove slag.



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